Fondness of A Being



I do not have to grasp onto a fad of culture,

that prefers darkness to light, nor must I find

myself with eyes aimed at a pulpit to endure

this mysterious life.


I am whole, only by my fondness of every

artery to my heart, every ounce of flowing blood

delivering both good, and evil amongst all my parts.


When I sleep, I’m suspended, and all life has been

queued, but when I awake to once again be mended,

it is then, I become of mood.


Part beast, part human,

but still a species unknown;

for what beast can be both

hateful, and loving, but the very

beast we own.


For one to protest, that they’re

exempt from being hateful; the

very contradiction to this claim

is the one whom has even

just once felt shameful.


Do train your eyes,

to see what is translucent,

and discipline your ears, to

hear the melodies of life’s music.


The drum of your heart pounds,

the blood in the veins run like rivers;

the bones of the body sound,

when they’re cold with a shiver.


We are filled with darkness,

though born with a torch we can light;

when the eyes becomes blind,

the ears become our sight.


So we may see our path,

and listen to the unseen voices;

because we see not what matters most,

and live not by the goodness of choices.


There is a time and place,

for both hopelessness, and faith;

to be hopeless when not knowing love,

and to be faithful when living amongst hate.


It is not the evil we learn,

nor the goodness we breed;

it is the nature of us humans,

to live and die by what we believe.





3 responses to “Fondness of A Being

  1. Very powerfull, I liked this part especially:”We are filled with darkness,

    though born with a torch we can light;

    when the eyes becomes blind,

    the ears become our sight.”

  2. i have been reading this over the course of a few days – i suppose i needed a quiet mind to really comprehend what i was looking for (for some reason I could not see or grab a connection to the title) – i believe i have it now – and yes, i see words/meanings of loving and accepting who we are. when i finally looked back at the title, i discovered a contradiction. For me, I cannot connect to fondness of being – in others, yes, in myself, no.

    “There is nothing to prove – only to share” – Alvin Ailey

    “Courage is being scared to death…… and saddling up anyway” – John Wayne

    “Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it” – David Foster Wallace

    Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 01:29:21 +0000 To:

  3. Awesome message, we are many things, and there are two sides of us, which one will we feed each day, that is always the question. When our eyes open each morning we may find one or the other, and with that we may endure many different circumstances that arrive…but what does not kill us makes us stronger, we become more insightful as we learn. I love the way you write, it is always so genuinely true. I see so much in your words so much contemplation, so much thought, and that is the most enjoyable part of visiting you my brother…I learn always from you! God bless and have a wonderful Sunday,

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