Merely Human, and Nothing More

To whom does not shed tears at birth,

and also refused reprieve; there is not

one that walks among us heartless, nor

one to suffer a cut of the flesh, and fail

to bleed.


Years, they pass slowly, when being

molded as a teen; enriched with invincibility,

yet, cursed by unstable self-esteem.


Time then passes, and experience begins

to teach; producing the most of unfavorable

conditions for a young mind to ever meet.


Then one is greeted with dreams of fame,

and aspirations of something other than

what they are; the eyes look further, and

further away, but there the very truth rest,

fitted perfectly in one’s own chest.


We see most of everything that’s layered

with lies, and run from the truth, by giving

our mind’s a disguise.


Believing we know more than we do,

and casting illusions so profound; to

think we’re not spinning too, while this

Earth spins round and round.


Let us just accept the inevitable,

and worry not about what we

will fail to control; rather let life be

lived, and never mind the day of

letting go.


Reach deep inside yourself,

and firmly grab a hold; declare

the life that you own, and within

it your silent soul.


You have but one stage, and light,

that awaits your dream to begin;

though whatever may come of it,

remember; we are nothing more

than merely human.



9 responses to “Merely Human, and Nothing More

  1. this is life isn’t? as i read this, i was thinking about my boys. Jordan sees many stages – many curtain calls. Peyton has yet to see the theatre. He knows it is there – uncertain as to which one he should visit – at this time, anyway. 🙂

  2. Yes, this poem does reflect life, and its’ stages, but even more so; to remember that life should be lived more happily and one should be grateful; gratefulness is the key to maintaining a sense of happiness. I’m glad you enjoyed my poems, and I really appreciate your time always.

  3. WB , as I look at my life, its like a layer cake! I can look at my poetry which has been written over several decades and in each one, i notice that what i wrote was affected by what I encountered in each decade, And love prevailed all the way through every hardship and success, whether the loss of two children, the success of jobs, the injuries and sickness. the poems were written in different styles and ways but it was still me, and my life was not perfect. My writing voice in words was growing and changing along the way. And I started sharing 2010, and what i share, the poems found birth from 1971 until now. I share what i am moved to share. And i find a certain peace in this. Because what many are going through in their lives our messages reflect and share. It will always be that way. You too know you are getting better and being affected more by what your life encounters especially with your poetry. I always keep writing, but I never thought that anyone would care to read it. You have started sharing way at a much younger life than me…you are an awesome writer. Remember you are one of a kind and what another or you share is uniquely fitted to both of you. Any given day one will feel your message and be moved and the next day be moved by someone else. But once embracing what you share they will come back, and whether or not they hit a like button or leave a message, or not leave a message what we write has a lasting effect on many You are a much better poet than I. And I always give thanks to the Lord that he has made us that way, because that is one of the special treats in life…we are the way we are and we will touch many, because we are a part of the same spiritual body! Thanks for always sharing my friend. What you see in my poetry that is what I am and will always be. What I see in yours is something really wonderful…you are good, and you are very blessed. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless!

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