Behind A Tiny Face


Only he that is offended,

has a reason to be; as he

has discovered some truth

in what another believes.


The neighbor of hate,

quietly lives amongst jealousy;

it is not until they greet,

the two become envy.


He will spill his ink,

and carelessly use his tongue;

walking on ice much too thin,

and soon to go astray.


After night follows night,

and day follows day;

all that he will have shown,

was his true character along the way.


A foolishness unfolds,

as he feeds from contradiction,

but at the expense of his own,

he will be his own extinction.


There is not one man that breathes,

who may justify another’s beliefs,

nor enough knowledge within one,

who may ever achieve such feats.


Whether one believes to be saved,

or believes to only simply exist;

it is the one whom knows neither,

that knows that knowing is the difference.


In order to know,

you must first see,

but even then, what you see,

hasn’t quite yet been proven to be.


We’ve seen the Earth,

the Sun, Moon, and only a

fraction of space; we claim

to know these things, yet we still

know nothing of how our

minds think, and yet they rest

behind a tiny face.



One response to “Behind A Tiny Face

  1. Some profess to know so much but in reality what is known – combination of all of the knowledge in the universe – could most probably fit on a tip of a needle. I believe there is a huge capacity to learn behind these tiny faces of ours – the first step to learning is to recognize the fact that we do not know nor can we know everything. But to learn what we can and continue the process for the rest of our lives. You are quite the philosopher – you have written some wonderful insightful thoughts.

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